Creative workstation configuration and set up

Artists and creative people work differently.
We need spaces that allow us to spread out, work with big, crazy sketch pads, art paper, markers and brushes
and whatever else we need to be creative.  We use things like lighted surfaces, magnifying loupes and giant rulers.
Combining this need for freedom and the technology that we now need at our fingertips can be a challenge.  
I can help you set up a digital workstation that meets your technology needs without hampering your creative work space.  
I can advise on the best type of equipment to use: monitors, monitor arms, scanners, digitizing boards, 3-D printers,
creative software along with training you how to use it.

Wacom configuration and training

If you are an artist looking to transition to a digital process and you do not know what a Wacom digital board is,
then you are behind the curve.  Wacom is THE essential tool for the modern artist. PERIOD.   It is no less significant than paints, canvas and pencils are to the traditional artist.  This is a reality that many traditional artists refuse to accept, but it is not going away any time soon, especially in the professional realm.  You can either embrace it,  learn it or get left behind. The good news is that I can help you  learn to LOVE the Wacom!  It is amazing technology and once you learn some of the basics you will quickly grow to love it and find yourself using it more and more in your daily creative work.  I can help you choose the right model for your needs, install and configure it with your computer set up and train you how to use it with the various creative applications on the market.